Flavors of Ubuntu 20.04 are available for download


With the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa”, its official Flavors also presented the novelties in their systems.

By default, Ubuntu flavors come with the Linux Kernel in version 5.4, support for WireGuard, video drivers from NVIDIA / AMD / Intel in the latest versions, Mozilla Firefox in version 75, LibreOffice in 6.4. Following the standards of the main version.

Kubuntu 20.04

The first flavor we are going to talk about is Kubuntu, a distro that is based on KDE Plasma LTS.

Ubuntu Flavors

This Kubuntu version comes with the following updated packages, which are:

  • KDE Frameworks 5.68.
  • Plasma 5.18 LTS.
  • KDE applications updated to version 19.12.3.
  • Qt LTS 5.12.8.
  • The Elisa 19.12.3 music player will be the system default, instead of the cantata.
  • latte-dock updated to version 0.9.10.
  • KDEConnect updated to version 1.4.0.
  • Krita updated to version 4.2.9.
  • Kdevelop updated to version 5.5.0.
  • Digikam updated to version 6.4.0.

You can see more information in the Kubuntu video on our Youtube channel. To download the ISO just access this link.

Lubuntu 20.04

Now let’s talk about one of the more «light» versions of Ubuntu’s official flavors. Lubuntu’s focus is on serving older PCs or those with less processing power and everything.

Ubuntu Flavors

The new features that Lubuntu brings in this version are the following:

  • LXQt 0.14.1.
  • Qt 5.12.8 LTS.
  • VLC
  • Trojitá 0.7 email client.
  • Squids in version 3.2.20.

You can check the news about Lubuntu on our Youtube channel. To download the ISO of the system, just access it in this link.

Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Budgie is a flavor that brings the Budgie interface, which comes from the Solus project. The interface was thought about what Gnome would look like in the Solus team’s vision, something like the macOS interface.

Ubuntu Flavors

Since the Budgie interface is a fork of Gnome, most of the news and improvements that came in version 3.36 have been incorporated into Budgie. Some news that we can list are:

  • GNOME Firmware and Drawing are now standard applications.
  • 4K resolutions are more user friendly for the Budgie Desktop and the budgie applet.
  • Swapping from Nautilus to Nemo.
  • Desktop Layouts, choose your default layout with one click.

To check out how he looked, just check out our video on the YouTube channel. You can download it through this link.

Ubuntu MATE

Whoever is old, will remember Gnome 2 and see a certain resemblance to Ubuntu MATE. The distro also enters the “battle” in serving weak and old PCs, which already have strong competitors such as Lubuntu, ZorinOS LITE and the like.

Ubuntu Flavors

Some of the new features brought by Ubuntu MATE were:

  • MATE Desktop 1.24;
  • ZFS support as an installation option;
  • Feral Interactive’s GameMode already enabled;
  • Preview of applications minimized;
  • Icons on the indicator that were enlarged, resolved;
  • Evolution integrated with the Date / Time applet;
  • Updated MATE Optimus, thus supporting the On-Demand function in hybrid notebooks (Intel + NVIDIA).

To check all the news, you can access the release note, watch our video there on YouTube and then download the system.

Xubuntu 20.04

Xubuntu is an “old war” distro and has been evolving and improving the interface, pleasing the audience that follows the XFCE project. It is also highly recommended for those who need lightness and strength.

Ubuntu Flavors

Some of the new features presented by Xubuntu in this version are:

  • Xfce Desktop 4.14.2;
  • Catfish 1.4.13;
  • Thunar File Manager 1.8.14;
  • Parole Media Player 1.0.5;
  • Gigolo 0.5.1.

To check out our review of this new version of Xubuntu, you can visit our YouTube channel and to download just go to the following link.

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In case of doubts access our forum, Diolinux Plus. See you in the next article, big hug!