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Flatpak Version 1.5.1 May Have App Payment System

Lots of news will be coming in the next stable release of flatpak.

It was released this Tuesday (27), version 1.5.1 of Flatpak, containing some very interesting news that may appear in the next updates.

Flatpak version 1.5.1 may have payment system for apps

Sandbox packaging, such as Snap and Flatpak, has tended to be the dominant formats for distributing applications in the Linux world over the next few years. So much so that Microsoft also thinks of having a universal package, with support for Linux, the MSIX that we report here on the blog.

The news presented by Flatpak, in my opinion, are making it increasingly attractive to those who should distribute your product in this format. I highlight three (3) news of this new release, which are:

Laying the groundwork for a future payment system on Flathub, thus enabling donations or app purchases, and Flathub can become a store in the future;

Introducing the concept of protected applications and authentication for downloads;

Optional parental control support using libmalcontent.

To check out all the other implementations and news, you can access here and here.

Now in my view, that would be great if it came as soon as possible in the next stable versions of Flatpak. Because that would be a stimulus for companies and developers to get even closer to the Linux world, being able to sell their fish to almost any distribution that supports Flatpak, so not worrying about which Linux distro it needs to focus on. I welcome these advances and I think they will get to Snap too, so we may have in the near future Linux applications like an MS Office, Adobe package, ERPs and so on.

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