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Flashlight application for OS X Spotlight exits beta and is now even better

In November of last year we spoke here on the website about the application Flashlight, which powers the OS X Yosemite Spotlight through plugins.

Because he has just left his beta phase!

Flashlight for Spotlight

The first official / stable version of Flashlight is now available for download on its website, and anyone who wants to can also follow and contribute to the entire project via GitHub.

The app is now even better, faster and with a repository full of plugins. Certainly, with this official release, the number only tends to increase by 1.

The curious part of this is that the creator of Flashlight, Nate Parrott, has just been hired as an intern by Apple. As this is an open source project, this does not mean the end of it, and the hiring shows that Apple saw value in the guy's work. Cool.

(via 9to5Mac)