Flash Player flaw exploited by hackers

Flash Player flaw exploited by hackers

Adobe has released a security alert to warn users of a security breach discovered in versions 9 and 1 of its Flash Player that affects Windows, Mac and Linux users. The flaw is linked to Adobe Reader and is already being exploited by hackers.

The CERT emergency center recommended all users to turn off Flash functionality in their web browsers.

A Flash Player file embedded in a PDF document can be used to allow attackers to execute code on users’ computers and steal information, warns this entity. The attack can be done through a website or a PDF attached to email messages.

Adobe has already acknowledged the existence of limited attacks in versions 9 of Reader for Windows, which has caused the company to raise the alert level to critical, but analysts believe that this type of attacks could intensify in the coming days.

The widespread use of Flash Player is one of the main dangers, since the application is present on a large number of computers with different operating systems, running on all major browsers.

Adobe has already announced that it will publish a correction for this flaw in Flash Player on July 30th, while Adobe Reader and Acrobat have a patch the next day.