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Flappy Bird: The Official Successor Arrives This Month

In rare magazine interview Rolling stone, Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, has revealed his plans for the future. He currently works on three new games, all with the same 8-bit retractable look and the same exaggerated level of difficulty. In addition, the original may also return to Play Store.

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Is he really coming back? / FlappyBird
<p>A shooting game set in the Wild West, a vertical flight game called <strong>Kitty Jetpack</strong> and a game of chess and the so-called <strong>Checkonaut</strong> – One of these three games will be the official successor of Flappy Bird and already has the release scheduled for this month.</p><div class=

In addition, Nguyen said he does not rule out the possibility of making Flappy Bird available again on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Despite all the headache that the game's success brought him, the developer could, thanks to the advertising flappy bird profit, quit his job and devote himself exclusively to game development. If you really come back, however, the game should come with "Take a break" advice. Even naivete in person this Nguyen, do not you think?

Would you like to see Flappy Bird back in Play Store? I confess I forgot about the game long ago. And if I want to get angry, I spend five minutes with the Shanghai Fly.

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