Flappy Bird: All copies on Android

Flappy Bird: The New Android Fever

Forget Candy Crush Saga and its candy combinations; Forget Angry Birds Go! and their wooden carts driven by little pigs; Also forget about Clash of Clans and strategies for victory. The new Android fever goes by the name Flappy Bird, and its simplicity is only surpassed by the exaggerated difficulty level of the little game.

Flappy Bird Teaser
Beware: you will get addicted and frustrated at the same time with Flappy Birds. / .GEARS Studios

AndroidPIT warns: Don't download this app if you don't want to be completely frustrated and addicted at the same time. The phenomenon of iOS downloads now reaches Android and has already made tens of thousands of victims. The Flappy Bird principle is as common as possible: controlling a chubby bird, you must pass between the pipes without touching the ends, and each pipe is worth a point. What seems easy, however, is actually an extremely difficult task to accomplish.

AndroidPIT Flappy Bird
Each extra point is an achievement for the fs community on the net. / AndroidPIT / .GEARS Studios

The bird controls, which flap their wings when you tap the screen, were purposely hampered, and I confess I needed a good 5 tries before I could pass 3 pipes in a row. On the Internet players share records and codes to fool the game: anything goes to get more points.

The graphics in the game follow the retro trend and resemble those of Mario Bros, and the sound effects are limited to reproducing the bird's wing flap and sounding an annoying and addictive alarm whenever you cross a song. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, and ads only appear in the top corner of the screen.

Now I want to know how many points you got. And only believe with screenshot!

Update: Flappy Bird has been removed from the Play Store.

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