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‘Flappy Bird’ developer wants to remove game from App Store

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Flappy Bird

THE Flappy Bird it’s probably the game most frustrating that has already appeared on the App Store. It is extremely simplistic, with graphics from the 90s (very inspired, even, in Super Mario World), but difficult to play. I never made it past the fifth pipe myself (I know, I’m bad). But it became an exciting case study, as it was highly valued by the media for having won first place in the store’s most downloaded free apps in several countries (including Brazil). So, out of nowhere.

And to make the story even richer, its developer announced this Saturday, on his Twitter account, that he will remove the game from the App Store this Sunday.

flappy tweet

But why would he do such a crazy thing? He achieved, without any effort, something that all developers worldwide dream of: being the first in the App Store ranking. And all the media made for that makes him stay on top more and more.

And that’s not all: downloading the app is free and there are no internal purchases, but it generates an income of 50 thousand dollars a day (!!!) only with advertising banners.

Come on! Why throw all this in the trash, all of a sudden?

According to the game’s developer, Vietnamese Dong Nguyen, the situation has grown in a way that he can’t take any more.

I can say that “Flappy Bird” was a victory for me. But it also ruined my simple life. So I started to hate him.

There are also those who suspect that there is something wrong with this whole story. According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, this success is all too good to be true. The game was released in May 2013, but it only burst in the first places of the ranking from the middle of January this year. It was all very sudden and fast, arousing the suspicion that it had been used bots and fake App Store accounts to elevate its position in the list of most downloaded ones. If this is true, it is something serious that Apple needs to keep an eye on, as it could compromise its entire ranking system, especially if other Asian developers decide to resort to the same method.

Does he want to withdraw from the spotlight so he won’t be discovered, or is the developer simply looking for some peace in his private life? Or is it not that all of this is a way to further promote the game?

Anyway, below you can find the game link. It is up to you to decide whether to download it or not, as it may be the last chance.