Flappy Bird creator says game will go down in a few hours

Pembuat Flappy Bird mengatakan game akan turun dalam beberapa jam

Developer Dong Nguyen, creator of the most successful iOS and Android smartphone and tablet game of the past few days, the «Flappy Bird», used Twitter to announce today, Saturday, that he will be retiring the game. Without much explanation, Nguyen just said that he «can’t take it anymore».

flappy bird photos1

Successful game will go offline in a few hours / © Flappy Bird

«Sorry, ‘Flappy Bird’ users, but I will be taking ‘Flappy Bird’ off the air in 22 hours,» wrote Nguyen. A few days ago, the developer also wrote on his Twitter that he was no longer taking the pressure from the press because of the success of his game. «Leave me alone, please,» said one of his messages.

flappybird1 Game creator announces via Twitter that he will remove the game

Questioned by his followers, he assured that he will not sell the game, and that, although the game has several elements from other successful games, such as Mario Bros tubes, the decision to take the game down is not related to legal problems. The Vietnamese said he would continue to develop other games for his current company, Dot Gears.

If you already have Flappy Bird installed, the game will continue to function normally. But starting this Sunday, the game should be removed from the app stores, around 3 pm, BrasĂ­lia time. If you have not yet downloaded the game, which is free, you can still find it here.