Flappy Bird creator launches new game for iOS and Android; check out!

Criador de Flappy Bird lança novo jogo para iOS e Android; confira!

This time, the app calls ninja Spinki Challenges and it’s about a ninja in training!

Flappy Bird creator launches new game for iOS and Android;  check out!Is Ninka Spinki Challenges the new game of the moment?

Who does not remember the fever that was Flappy Bird in 2014? The game that disappeared from the app stores in a few days it was copied several times by other developers, but apparently none of them achieved the same success.

Now the creator of the app, Don Nguyen, has just released a new game, a little easier than its predecessor, called Ninka Spinki Challenges, available for iOS and Android for free. The game brings together six types of games in a single application.

More polished and accessible than Flappy Bird, the game is about a ninja in training who needs to complete teachings to get better. From escaping from jumping cats to hit people with shuriken, the game has a time limit to do the missions.

As soon as you complete the introduction, the next mission is unlocked and a endless mode that allows you play these challenges again but no time limit, ie: how long will you be able to last?

Will Ninja Spinki Challenges have the same success as Flappy Bird?

Different than Flappy Bird, the new game is much more accurate when making movements with your fingers. The big difference is that the birdie app was difficult all the time, while Ninja Spinki Challenges it gets more and more impossible with each level you pass.

A tip during the challenges is: if you are going to beat it and then lose, just watch a video ad to continue where you left off, instead of having to start over. At first the app has 30 challenges, but who knows, we may see new missions emerge over time?

What are you waiting for to play Don Nguyen’s new app? If you are interested in the game, know that you can download it for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Play Store (just click on the orange links).