Flappy Bird: All copies on Android

Flappy Bird: All copies on Android

Flappy Bird has just over a week on Android and has been downloaded ten million times. In a recent interview with the Verge, Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen said he made $ 50,000 a day from advertising the game, a bar at the top of the screen that nobody sees when the bird falls. And as he falls

Everything that is successful in the application world soon earns countless imitations, all eyeing the possible instant billing. I prepared a gallery with the most famous Flappy Bird clones, so you can get angry with other games while taking a break from the original.

.GEARS Studios

Clumsy birds

In fact, Clumsy Bird was released for Android even before Flappy Bird, trying to replicate the success that the original had on iOS. It lacks the 8-bit look of the original, and also seems to have been inspired by Angry Birds for the graphics. At least in this version there is a kind of previous story: evil dragons have stolen the bird's eggs, and now he must try to retrieve them.

Clumsy bird
Clumsy Birds: Flappy Bird with a twist of Angry Birds. / Candy Mobile

Clumsy Birds – Bird
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Tappy bird

This clone is an almost exact reproduction of Flappy Bird. His name is Tappy bird and was created by the app developer Zoom Camera FX. The game further enhances the 8-bit look, and the pixels are even more visible, giving it a touch even more. trash to this copy. Because it is so similar, it has already aroused the cold of the original fans in the Play Store.

AndroidPIT Tappy Bird
Tappy Bird: The graphics are even richer. / Androidslide

Flappy Tappy

This is the last copy on our list, and perhaps the best of all, for bringing some originality to the overall idea. To add a special touch to the game, they replace the birds with flying pigs (the wings are their ears). At least the pipes have also been replaced by columns, and serve as a distraction for those who can no longer stand the bird.

AndroidPIT Flappy Tappy
Flappy Tappy: Flying little pigs instead of birds. / Black Horizon Studios

Flappy Tappy
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And to end a warning: there is an app in the Play Store called Fake Flappy Bird (Fake Flappy Bird) that charges the equivalent of $ 2.50 per download and doesn't even offer a game. It's supposed to be just a way to create a false record scoreboard. This we also know how to do, and it's free.

AndroidPIT Fake Flappy Bird
This app pure scam. / Bpma Tech

Have you tried any of the Flappy Bird clones? Were you as frustrated as the original?

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