Fixed network traffic increases 30%

The number of broadband customers on the fixed network is not increasing significantly but traffic grew by 30% in the first quarter of the year, according to Anacom found in its quarterly report.

The growth rate of fixed traffic is almost 8 times higher than the growth rate of the number of customers and, according to Anacom, the main responsible for this increase is Zon, which registered two thirds of the increase in traffic seen on fixed networks.

The launch of Internet access offers over optical fiber, associated with the growth in the number of customers, is pointed out by the communications market regulator to justify these values.

In the first quarter, each customer generated, on average, 17 GB of traffic per month, 3 GB more than in the last three months of 2008.

In the opposite direction, traffic values ​​on the mobile network have been falling, with each customer now spending, on average, only 1 GByte per month.

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