Fixed network services lead complaints received by ANACOM

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During the first half of this year, ANACOM received close to 10.26 thousand written complaints, 363 requests for information and 2.347 thousand telephone and face-to-face consultations regarding communications services. The values ​​obtained in the first half of the year are 28 percent higher than those recorded in the same period last year.

In total, 7,772 thousand complaints were received regarding electronic communications, with 3,331 thousand to be delivered directly to ANACOM and 4,441 thousand to be received via complaints book sheets.

The largest number of complaints received in the period concerns telephone services at a fixed location, which led to 2,698 thousand complaints, followed by Internet access services (2.08 thousand) and mobile telephone services (1.1912 thousand).

With regard to complaints regarding telephone services at a fixed location, the delay in deactivating pre-selection was the main reason for customer complaints (1,282 thousand), followed by technical assistance (336 complaints).

As for complaints regarding Internet access services, the majority are related to problems in billing (591), technical assistance (429) and issues related to contracts (391).

In turn, complaints related to equipment, technical assistance and customer service are the ones that most motivated complaints regarding mobile telephone services.

ANACOM also states that cable television distribution services, billing, technical assistance and the contract were responsible for 543 complaints in the total number of complaints received (763).

It remains to be noted that in the half-yearly report released by the regulator, VoIP services were the ones that motivated the highest number of complaints per thousand customers, with 0.13 percent of subscribers to these services complaining.

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