Fixed business contributes to Sonaecom’s EBITDA growth

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THE holding Group’s telecommunications business today revealed its financial results for 2007, with a turnover of 892.7 million euros, the highest value ever for Sonaecom and which represents an increase of 8.6 percent compared to at 2006 value. The company’s net results amounted to 36.8 million euros in 2007, a substantial improvement over the loss of 9.7 million euros in the same period last year, but to which tax benefits contributed.

Despite the negative effect of the reduction in roaming revenues and mobile termination rates, the fixed business made an added contribution to an EBITDA of 162 million euros, an increase of 3.3 percent.

The company led by Ângelo Paupério registered a growth in the number of mobile customers, which increased 10.6 percent to 2,276 thousand, while in the fixed area services stood at 815.6 thousand, a number that already includes the acquisitions of customers of Oni and Tele2. According to the press release, customer revenues have also been rising, both in mobile and fixed, where they already represent 55.1 percent of service revenues.

The company’s highlight is the best EBITDA ever in the fixed business, «reflecting, to a large extent, the results of the organic growth of the direct access business», he said in a statement. In the last six quarters, Novis and Clix’s EBITDA were positive and in the last quarter of 2007, a record level was recorded.

For 2008, the company claims to have an «ambitious investment plan in our telecommunications business» that certainly involves investing in a fiber optic network for three years, a plan already announced in the middle of last month.

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