Fixed bug that required using Bing

تبادل جوجل ومايكروسوفت الاتهامات حول نتائج البحث

Microsoft has corrected the flaw that forced Internet Explorer 6 users to use its new Bing search engine, according to an advanced report by Computerworld.

Reason for numerous complaints, the situation was admitted by the giant of the software, who was forced to seek a solution to the problem, without however commenting on the reasons for what happened.

The error forced users of version 6 of browser of Microsoft to use Bing in their searches, even if another search system is defined.

Internet Explorer 7 or 8 users – the latest browser versions – were not affected by this bug, but there are still many Internet users with version 6 installed.

IE 8 was launched on March 19 and became available online, but the update was not done automatically. In April, users of Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 were «invited» to update the browser for version 8 through automatic updates, but many chose to keep the version of IE they already had.