Five Usage Tips for Enjoying Instagram Stories

Jelas: Instagram tidak akan lagi menampilkan peringatan cetak untuk layar Cerita

When Mark Zuckberg was disgusted by the refusal to purchase Snapchat, he included the app’s primary function in all of its products. Now, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook have short vertical videos that disappear in 24 hours. Of these, the first one was the most successful, and now we will see some cool tips on Instagram Stories.

Take a poll

The latest news from Insta Stories is the poll. Now, you can place a vote with two options within the stories and follow the results, even receiving notifications from your closest friends and their responses.

To post a poll, normally record your story and pull the sticker menu from bottom to top. One of these stickers will be the poll. Drag it to the video, write the question and tap the buttons to change the answers. Publish and track the result!

instagram stories tips1

How to place polls / © NextPit

Disable anyone you don’t want to follow

Sometimes we follow too many profiles, and while the photos on the Instagram timeline are cool, sometimes some people’s Stories are not. Or, still, they are company profiles, and what they publish is just advertising. You can be selective and leave only those you want to follow.

To do this, go to the Instagram home and browse the round icons with the Stories of the profiles. Those who are not interested, keep your finger over the circle of the person’s profile. A menu will appear and you will be able to choose: Mute user. There, you will no longer see the Stories from that profile.

instagram stories tips2

Enough watching useless Stories! / © NextPit

Make video without touching the screen

And when you want to make a Stories showing how you cook, how do you know to spin around the room or just show a hug between friends? You can let a Stories be recorded without you holding your finger on the screen.

Go to the Stories recording area and, in the lower menu, exit Normal Mode and rotate until Hands Free is selected. As soon as you press the button, it starts recording. If you want to have time to prepare, keep it pressed for more than a second: a 3-second timer appears, so you can record from a distance.

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Hands Free also on Insta Stories / © NextPit

Paint the entire screen and erase a portion

At certain times, we don’t want to record anything in particular, but we do want to post a catchphrase or comment. Instead of taking a picture of something dark, how about having a colorful background in your Stories? For that, I had a photo of anything and select the pen at the top of the screen.

Choose one of the colors available at the bottom of the screen or click on the dropper to choose a color from the photo. You can still keep your finger on one color and open a full color palette. After choosing the color, keep your finger on the screen empty and the entire background will be colored. Here it is?

And the coolest thing: you can use the eraser to erase certain parts of the color and leave the photo or video of the background on display. You can exercise a lot of creativity.

instagram stories tips5

Every day a new work of art / © NextPit

Hide your Stories from someone

A lot of people liked Snapchat because there were no parents watching everything that was said. In Stories, the number of Facebook users joining is increasing, and this network is synonymous with parents. If you have this or similar problem, something can be done.

instagram stories tips6

No more passing indirect / © NextPit

Entering the recording area and clicking on the gear you will soon see the option «Hide history from» and click. Then just choose the ones you want to keep away from your posts, as they will see nothing more than what you post.

And there’s a lot more to learn on Instagram Stories and become an expert on the subject. Want to know more? Comment down there if you want new tips!