Five tips to increase the battery life of your smartwatch

Five tips to increase the battery life of your smartwatch

If you have a smartwatch running on Android Wear, you probably already know that the battery of these wearable devices is short-lived. This is even worse for so-called heavy users. Thinking about you, I decided to gather here five tips that made my smartwatch battery last longer.

1. Block or manage notifications

Notifications drain your smartwatch battery. While some are essential for getting the full smart watch experience, some apps can overwhelm you with notifications, and end up becoming quite naughty.

Fortunately, Android Wear offers a simple solution that allows you to help manage those notifications. From the settings, go to «Block app notifications» and select those that you no longer want to receive notifications.

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Blocking notifications helps keep your device longer / © NextPit

How to manage app notifications in a simple way:

  • Open the «Android Wear» app on your smartphone;
  • Click Settings (at the top right);
  • Click the «Block app notifications» option.

2. Disable automatic brightness from the settings

As with all other mobile operating systems, you have the option to automatically manage the screen brightness according to your environment. In addition to this feature not being particularly useful for everyone, it is a major energy consumer, as it is constantly checking the environment to adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 2

Disable automatic brightness in Android Wear settings / © NextPit

To disable screen brightness, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Access the clock settings menu;
  • Click on «Screen»;
  • Then «Adjust brightness» and choose from options 1 to 5;

By disabling automatic brightness, you can also control the brightness of the display from the status bar of the smartwatch. In addition, I recommend downloading the Wear Mini Launcher app that does a great job in this area and is available for free on Google Play.

Wear Mini LauncherInstall on Google Play

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Manage how bright the screen is from the Android Wear status bar / © NextPit

3. Activate cinema mode

As the name suggests, cinema mode prevents the watch from disturbing you. The smartwatch enters a semi-hibernate mode that turns off the screen and can only be turned on again using the device’s physical button. Once the screen activates, however, the theater mode is automatically canceled.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 4

Activate cinema mode to save battery on your smartwatch / © NextPit

How to carry out the process:

  • Access the watch status bar by sliding your finger from top to bottom;
  • Click the clock icon.

Since the watch remains off during this hibernation period, your watch’s battery life will last longer. This is useful for meetings or gatherings where you don’t want to be disturbed.

4. Limit connectivity

Limiting Wi-Fi, NFC or location services also saves battery power. This will allow you to moderate the search for networks each time a connection is needed.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 6

Turning off location can help you save battery on Android Wear / © NextPit

How to enable and disable this option:

  • Access the settings menu on the watch;
  • Click on «Connectivity».

5. Disable wrist gestures

Turning off wrist gestures can also help to extend the battery life of your smartwatch. «Wrist gestures» allow you to scroll through Google Now cards by moving your wrist from right to left, for example. To do this, a motion sensor is used (as you would expect), which requires energy and therefore battery.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 5

Do you already use the «Wrist Gestures» function? Otherwise, turn it off / © NextPit

To disable this option, you can follow the following path:

  • Access the watch status bar by sliding your finger from top to bottom;
  • Open the «Settings»;
  • Then go to «Gestures»> Wrist gestures «to turn it off.

Check the effects

For those who really want to compare battery performance before and after putting these tips into practice, I advise you to manage power consumption using the Android Wear app installed on your smartphone.

android wear smartwatch tips battery tricks

The Android Wear app is full of good ideas / © NextPit

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the «Android Wear» application on your smartphone;
  • Click on the settings in the upper right corner;
  • Open the menu with the name of the watch;
  • Navigate to the «Watch battery» option.

After all the information has loaded, you will have a detailed view of your watch’s power consumption. Here, you can also see the remaining storage space on the watch. This is quite useful, especially if you like to store music or any compatible content on your smartwatch.

Do you have other tips for saving battery power on smartwatches?