Five tips for solving the most boring Android problems

Lima tips untuk memecahkan masalah Android yang paling membosankan

With each new version launched, Android receives several improvements, thus showing its evolution over time. However, Google’s operating system still suffers from some annoying bugs, albeit less frequently. Thinking about it, we decided to select some bugs that occur and how to solve each one.

Infinite Loop

This is one of the worst bugs that can happen on Android. I say this because often the only solution is to (re) install the device’s factory ROM. But, before doing that, you can try to clear the cache through the recovery menu. There are also cases where the problem is hardware, but then only technical assistance.

  • Turn off your smartphone;
  • Hold the buttons: volume (+) or volume (-) and turn on;
  • Wait for the Recovery Mode menu to appear;
  • With the volume buttons navigate to the «Wipe cache partition» option and press the call button to select it;
  • Another screen will appear, and now just confirm in the option «Yes» and restart the smartphone.
AndroidPIT Moto X wipe cache partition

Recovery Mode / © AndroidPIT

Smartphone locked

This problem often occurs when the device locks completely to the point that neither a command on the touch or the buttons works. When this bug happens, many people think that the best way to solve it is to wait for the battery to be completely exhausted, however, there is a very simple option that everyone can do. This method works in 99% of cases:

  • Hold the power button until the screen goes out;
  • After the screen has gone out, release the button and wait a few seconds;
  • If the screen does not turn on again starting Android, you can turn it on normally using the power button.
AndroidPIT Glance plus 1336

Hold the power button for a few seconds / © AndroidPIT

Touch failing

This is a bug that often occurs due to several factors together. It may be a problem on the screen, films that may be interfering or simply a calibration problem. So, before taking in a technical assistance or tear off the protective film you use, download the Touchscreen Repair application. It will calibrate your smartphone screen:

  • The process is simple, just follow the instructions that the app requests;
  • Then, restart your device and see if the problem is resolved.

Touchscreen Repair / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Touchscreen repairInstall on Google Play

Play Store error

Have you ever been to the Google Play Store to download an application and faced some kind of error? Each time this happens a number appears, indicating the reason for the problem. However these numbers do not help much, so if this happens to you check out our tip:

  • Open the Play Store and tap the top left corner where there are three bars and select Settings;
  • Scroll down and select the «Play Store version» option. At that point the store will be updated, and the problem can be solved.
  • If this method doesn’t work, go to the APKMirror website and download the latest version from the Play Store and install.
  • We also recommend that you check out our special article below to learn more about these errors:
play store update1

Check for updates on the Play Store / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Screen overlay

This is for me the most annoying bug on Android. I was very nervous with the annoying screen overlay to the point of breaking my smartphone. This problem occurred a lot in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and if you still have this problem download the Install Button Unlocker application and don’t suffer anymore.

You can also follow our tutorial on how to get rid of this problem:

install button

Eliminate screen overlap issues / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Install Button UnlockerInstall on Google Play

These were our tips to help you solve some of the most common Android problems. Leave your doubts in the comments and we will try to help you.

And you, do you know any other tips for a certain problem on Android?