Five tips for customizing and editing Word documents on your PC

Bagaimana meringkas dalam Word

Word is a complete text editor with advanced features. Some simple tools can make your job easier when editing a file and, thus, improve your productivity. With just a few clicks, you can, for example, copy the formatting from one paragraph to another, find out how many words the document or text selection contains, insert images from the Internet, apply themes and find hidden functions.

How to open Word documents in .doc format without having Office installed

See five simple, easy-to-use functions that can help you personalize and edit your documents in Word. The images were made in Office 2016.

1 of 1 Check out five tips for editing text in Microsoft Word – Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetc

Check out five tips for editing text in Microsoft Word – Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetc

When pasting text into Word, it can be styled differently from the rest of the document – font size, font, color, line spacing, paragraph and more. However, with just a few clicks, you can apply the desired formatting. To do this, simply position the text cursor over the style you want to use and click on the «Formatting Brush» button. Finally, select the text where the formatting should be applied.

Using the formatting brush – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft

Know how many words you wrote

Some academic papers have a minimum or maximum number of words. You can control this by looking at the count in the Word status bar at the bottom left of the window. You can track in real time the total number of words that your document contains. If you want to know the specific text count, just select it.

Viewing the number of words in the document or selection – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft

Add photos from the Internet

You do not need to open your browser, search for an image, save it to your PC and finally insert it into your Word document. You can shorten this path and add a photo from the Internet right into the file. Microsoft software works with the Bing search service to give you access to multiple images more quickly.

Just position the text cursor where you want the image to be. Now, open the «Insert» tab and click on «Images Online». Finally, just search for the photo you want to use.

Adding photos from the Internet – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft

Choose a theme for your document

Word allows the user to change the look of the document in a few clicks. The Microsoft text editor has a gallery with several themes ready to be applied. On the «Design» tab, click on «Themes» and choose one of your own. This instantly changes the font, color and size of your text headings.

How to add themes to Word documents – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft

Find functions quickly

Word is a complete application with several features. For this reason, it is not always easy to find what we are looking for. To facilitate this search, you can click on «Tell me what you want to do» and type the command you are trying to locate. That way, it’s easy to find a function that you don’t know where the icon is, but you know the name of the resource.

How to find functions in Word – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft