Five technologies in the most valuable brands in the world

Six technology in the 10 most valuable companies in the world

IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Google and Intel.

These are the five technology companies entitled to a place in the Top 10 of the most valuable brands in the world.

Big Blue is among the five most relevant, with an assigned value of US $ 60.2 billion, «only» eight billion less than the leader Coca-Cola.

Microsoft remains stuck, valued at $ 56.6 billion.

Nokia comes in fifth, with an assigned value of 34.8 billion, separated by a Google position that is worth US $ 31.9 billion, a little more than Intel with the responsibility of closing the technological Top 10, in the nineth place.

It is curious to note who lost and who gained value in a year of crisis where, in general terms, the most valuable brands became a little less and colossus like Coca-Cola contributed to this.

Among the five technological presences in Interbrand’s Top 10, only IBM and Google managed to withstand the turbulence.

The first increased its value by 2 percent, compared to the previous year’s table, maintaining the global position.

Much better Google got that increased its value by 25 percent and improved three positions.

Microsoft lost 4 percent of its value, Nokia 3 percent and Intel 2 percent.

Going down a few more places it is possible to find a new entry in the technology sector, Adobe, which now occupies the 95th position.

Above is Yahoo, which lost 7 percent of its brand value, the same as RIM won for the Blackberry brand, in 64th and 63rd places, respectively.

The rise in the smartphone brand resulted in an improvement of 10 positions in the table.

Other coincidences of numbers happen with eBay (in 46th place) and Siemens (in 47th place).

Both saw the value of their brands drop 8 percent in the last year, although both hold positions similar to those of the previous year in the ranking.

The number 12 also groups some of the technologies in the table.

For Dell and Sony it translates the percentage of devaluation of their brands compared to last year, now in 35th and 29th places, for Apple it is the percentage of appreciation of their «commercial apple» that has become the 20th most valuable brand in the world.

world, four places above last year.

Writing note: Corrected a typo in the display of numbers corresponding to brand values.