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Five smartphone myths we need to stop believing

1. Only use original charger

If that were true, no phone would work in our office. To be honest, we hardly check the charger before plugging it into our device.

Current, power, voltage … it is known that these factors affect the charging of the phone. Some chargers offer different features and are usually optimized for a specific device or device lines. As ExtremeTech blog says, "You can connect a USB device to a USB cable and a USB port and everything will work fine," since they are all from the same family.

Nexus5x nexus6p mkbhd charging
With the Nexus 5X and 6P, the true "myth". for now, since they can only be charged with USB Type-C. / MKBHD

That said, using a more powerful charger can have a negative effect on the battery. That is, in the long run the battery resistance may worsen, damaging it. However, new technologies can overcome the adverse effects of the most powerful chargers.

For example, Quick Charge. With a compatible device, technology generation 2.0 can charge up to 60% of a battery in 30min. In other words, as much as your smartphone's autonomy is impaired by a more powerful charger, Quick Charge's speed in charge compensates for this loss.

This significant advantage, especially when we take into account that technology works with a multitude of devices from various brands. That is, you can use a fast charger from HTC on a Sony Xperia without problems.

2. A black screen increases autonomy

That's true, but not for everyone. The increased autonomy is only worth using a "real" black screen. Only LED screen phones (OLED, AMOLED, …) save energy when displaying black, since each dot is an LED.

androidpit samsung galaxy note 4 28
AMOLED black saves battery power. / ANDROIDPIT

For LCD screens, this argument is not valid. They use illumination throughout the display regardless of the color displayed. It is the most battery-intensive LCD, but LED displays are more expensive to produce. Besides all the fight about which one is the best.

3. Better specifications, better performance

Of course, a 2011 Android will not perform as well as a 2015 Android, as over time technologies are improved (miniaturization, less heat, faster, etc.). That said, it is not always worthwhile to blindly jump to the new processor, as new technologies may have new flaws. Or have you ever forgotten what happened to the Snapdragon 810?

androidpit camera specs comparison 2
iPhone 6 (top left), Nexus 5 (top right), OnePlus 2 (bottom left) and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (bottom right). Do you think the quality difference is so important? / ANDROIDPIT

The fastest and most core processor does not necessarily have the best performance. Warming up, crashing, task allocation among cores, RAM consumption, software optimization, display technology … there are so many variables that affect the performance of a smartphone today.

This reasoning is valid not only for SoC, but for the display, the battery, the amount of RAM, the camera's megapixels and even the internal storage offered. Each case is a case and so it is always important to research on the handsets.

4. Leaving the phone charging will damage the battery.

When going to sleep, many people plug their smartphones into their chargers and just take them off when they wake up. Contrary to popular belief, this does not damage the battery. Nowadays, just like notebooks, the device goes into a mode called "sector", which prevents it from overloading.

androipit smartphone battery attack 4
The most accurate method of destroying the battery of a smartphone. / ANDROIDPIT

Very old devices may still have problems, but if you have a smartphone made in recent years, there is nothing to worry about.

However, something important to note is the use of the smartphone while charging. Charging the battery heats up the phone and some models are already overheated, either by the processor or the screen. The LG G3, for example, gets very hot during use and while charging. When charging and using it at the same time, it is difficult even to hold the device.

5. A factory reset clears all data.

When selling or retiring your smartphone, it is highly recommended to do a factory reset. However, believing this process to remove all data from the phone is not recommended. In some cases, I need more than that.

According to a survey by ArsTechnica, "about 360 million cell phones cannot clean contacts, emails, images, etc." with a factory reset. In addition, the procedure does not erase data stored on the SD card.

encrypt internal memory phone
Encrypt important. / ANDROIDPIT

If after reset the data disappeared, not necessarily because it was deleted. In some cases, they are just "suspended", invisible to users, but can still be recovered. Therefore, some experts recommend encrypting the data before returning to factory settings.

I haven't tested this tactic yet, but as soon as I do, I give you a feedback.

What other myths deserve to be on this list?

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