Five sites to invite online and for free

Lima situs undangan online gratis

Creating a beautiful invitation to invite friends to a birthday, wedding or other celebration can be very easy and quick. There are free and specialized websites for the elaboration of designs with all the necessary resources, including ready models of this type of art in various themes, which do not require advanced editing knowledge from users.

It is also not necessary to install anything on the computer, as the software works on the web and can be accessed by Chrome or Firefox, for example. The most popular service of its kind is probably Canva, but there are alternatives, with different functions, that can appeal to different profiles. dnetc has prepared a list of five platforms useful in creating invitations to events.

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1 of 6 See how to create birthday, wedding and invitations with free online tools – Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / dnetc

See how to create birthday invitations, wedding etc with free online tools – Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / dnetc

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A darling of amateur designers, Canva is an image editing service that allows you to create a variety of graphic arts in a very practical way, including invitations. The software can be accessed on the computer, via the web (, or through the application, available for Android and iPhone phones (iOS). It is free, just create an account to use, but there is also a paid version, with more features, called Canva for Work, for $ 12.95 monthly.

2 of 6 Canva offers uncomplicated features for creating invitations – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

Canva offers uncomplicated resources for creating invitations – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

Within Canva, the user can choose from thousands of templates – there are templates for birthday, wedding, baby shower, graduation, among others – or start from scratch. Anyway, it is possible to edit the texts, the background and all the elements of the design, adjusting colors, sizes, positioning. There is a huge collection of clip-arts, banners, shapes, photographs, prints and more, but some items are paid for. You can also upload and add images from your computer.

When finished, the artwork can be downloaded in JPG, PNG or PDF formats, or shared directly on social networks. Tinkering with Canva is very simple and intuitive. Anyone can produce beautiful and sophisticated invitations without having to know complex editing tools.

Desygner is another online image editor that offers ready-made templates and easy-to-manipulate features for you to create your invitation. The platform ( has a library of photos, illustrations and icons, in addition to different text banners, fonts, colors and graphic elements. The user can also import images from social networks and cloud storage services. If you need to resize a design, the software still does everything intelligently. When saving your work, there are options for downloading in various formats, printing and sharing.

3 of 6 Editing invitations in Desygner is a simple task – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

Editing invitations in Desygner is a simple task – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

To use Desygner, which has a web version and apps for Android and iOS, you need to create an account or log in via Google or Facebook. The software is free, but has a premium alternative for $ 9.99 a month, with more templates, the possibility to use your own fonts, brand kit and other benefits. The weakness of the service is that the variety of layouts and free items is not so great.

Vectr is already a more refined software, which provides a greater level of adjustments to images, however, not as complicated as professional programs. On the other hand, it has no templates or image bank, which are often very useful for beginners. On the website (, the user can create an invitation manually, using shapes, lines and texts. There are features like layers, free drawing, cropping and importing images from the PC and settings for angles, colors, fonts and shadows. And everything is created in vector, that is, images that can be enlarged without limits and do not lose quality.

4 of 6 Vectr is an online image editing software aimed at more advanced users – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

Vectr is an online image editing software aimed at more advanced users – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

The interface is intuitive and should be worthwhile for those looking for a freer editor without the complexity and cost of the Adobe Package, for example. Totally free, Vectr is on the web and can also be installed on Windows, Linux or the Chromebook. You can use the online version anonymously or create an account, where your creations will be saved. Designs can be exported in SVG, PNG or JPG, printed or shared on Facebook and Twitter.

This is another uncomplicated design creator, with art models, image collections and easy editing mechanisms. DesignBold allows the production of invitations to events in a few clicks, especially if the user chooses one of the available layouts, with themes such as wedding, birthday and Halloween party. On the website (, which offers a very friendly interface, there are thousands of photos, icons, backgrounds and shapes, color adjustments, texts with various fonts; and you can still use your own images and fonts.

5 of 6 With DesigBold, users can create invitations with different themes – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

With DesigBold, users can create invitations with different themes – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

The software also has a collaborative mode, in which several people can work on the same design at the same time. When ready, the result can be downloaded in PNG, JPG or PDF. The free version of DesignBold already includes an interesting diversity of features, but anyone who wants to access more can pay US $ 9.99 for a Pro account. To use the platform, it is not necessary to register, but it is worth registering if want to save and organize your compositions.

Fotojet works in the same way as Canva, Desygner and DesignBold, however, it has three separate features: a photo editor, a collage maker and a graphic design tool. The latter are the ideal tools for producing an invitation. The software has hundreds of templates for the user to choose and start their art. The content can be entirely personalized, with the addition of images and alteration of texts, fonts, colors, backgrounds and dimensions.

6 of 6 FotoJet has tools for photo editing, collage creation and graphic arts production – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

FotoJet has tools for editing photos, creating collages and producing graphic arts – Photo: Reproduction / Isabela Cabral

Free of charge, the service has a photo bank and numerous clip art options, divided into thematic categories. However, some of these elements, as well as several of the ready-made models, are exclusive to subscribers of the premium version, which starts at US $ 3.33 per month. The program interface is accessible and organized, good for the most inexperienced. Once ready, creations can be printed, shared on networks or downloaded in PNG or JPG format. FotoJet must be accessed through the browser ( and can be used with or without registration.