Five reasons why you should not save payment data online

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Consumers who save their credit card when shopping online for convenience can actually put their finances at risk. In 2013, for example, the website exposed customer data due to a failure in the site’s session control. To this day, users complain of leaks at Reclame Aqui and involve companies from different fields of activity.

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The custom of checking the option “Save card for future purchases”, however, tends to grow in Brazil. A recent survey by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm) indicates that more people are shopping on the Internet, while a survey by SPC Brasil for June 2019 shows that credit card is the main form of payment. Here are five reasons why it is important not to keep the card on the store’s website.

1 of 3 Card-purchase-home – Photo: Pond5

Card-purchase-home – Photo: Pond5

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1. Your data may be leaked

The security of credit card data depends a lot on each online store, so it is difficult to know when to trust. In general, experts recommend not saving data on the Internet, unless the card is a prepaid card, which may have a zero balance to prevent fraud. It is important to be especially careful when you need to enter the card details in a simple form directly on the website. In general, it is safer when the store opens a pop-up and redirects the user to PagSeguro, Mercado Pago or PayPal, among other providers that specialize in payments.

2. Stores may charge improper purchases

In addition to the risk of data theft, a saved credit card can make the user an easier target for system errors. Reclame Aqui accumulates several complaints from consumers about improper purchases that could be avoided if the account did not have a registered payment method. The same recommendation applies to the prepaid card: if you want to save a card, be one of the disposable type that can have the balance loaded only when making the purchase.

2 of 3 Saved cards can make consumers victims of store errors – Photo: Pond5

Saved card can make consumers a victim of store error – Photo: Pond5

3. You can accidentally subscribe to a service

Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go, among others, offer a free tasting period that needs to be activated by credit card registration. However, in some cases, it is possible to remove the payment method to ensure that the subscription will not be charged if you forget to cancel before the deadline. In addition, it is important to check if there is any type of billing notice: both Amazon and Netflix send an email days before making the debit. Still, the only guarantee of avoiding accidentally signing is to have no card registered.

3 of 3 Remove the card to avoid paying subscriptions after the trial period – Photo: Raissa Delphim / dnetc

Remove the card to avoid paying subscriptions after the trial period – Photo: Raissa Delphim / dnetc

4. Other people can make purchases without permission

Cards saved in the Play Store, App Store, PSN and other digital content stores can be everything a child wants to shop without parental permission. In addition, having a saved payment method can make it easier for attackers: in 2011, a hacker accessed accounts for 77 million users from the PlayStation store. Users who had a credit card recorded, therefore, were vulnerable and could have purchases made on their behalf.

5. The chances of buying on impulse increase

The danger is not always with third parties: saved cards can encourage impulse online purchases. A study by SPC Brasil reveals that the credit card is strongly linked to impulse purchases, a scenario that can be aggravated the easier it is to use this payment method. Experts often recommend leaving the plastic at home when you leave to avoid making unnecessary purchases. The equivalent of this practice on the Internet is to remove cards saved on shopping websites.

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