Five proposals for smartphone applications to better spend time in isolation

Five proposals for smartphone applications to better spend time in isolation

In times of isolation due to COVID-19, all proposals to spend free time are always welcome, and in the case of the smartphone, the discovery of a new useful application or that new game launched in the digital stores of Android and iOS, always a moment of curiosity. As you know, care must be taken to install applications outside the manufacturers' ecosystem, as hackers are taking advantage of this pandemic moment to distribute malware.

This week we put together some interesting games, like the new strategy and management game of a racing team, or an experience to relax and "punch" different characters. There is also a game with didactic application, with the support of NASA.

Below you can find all the applications in detail, including a conversion for when the family misses you and another one that combines all the contents of the television on your computer or tablet.

Create a team of motorsport stars in a game of strategy and gesture

Motorsport Manager Online is an automobile racing strategy and simulation game that challenges players to manage a team and win the Formula E championship.

There are many simulation and management titles from Formula 1 or other motor sports, but Motorsport Manager Online challenges players to build their team and face other virtual drivers on the asphalt, given this fully multiplayer smartphone game. Players will have to create a team, hire the best drivers and turn their cars into authentic winning machines.

The game focuses on the Formula E World Championship and includes all the drivers of the 2019-2020 season known for the electric vehicle competition, including Jean Eric Vergne and Sebastian Buemi, to name a few.

The producer also obtained some model licenses for vehicles from some manufacturers, such as Porsche, Mercedes and Audi, to give it more authenticity. Cars can be upgraded with new parts to make them faster and more stable on the track.

The races are watched from an isometric perspective, from a remote camera, where you can see the 10 players on the track. It is possible to do some actions during the race, such as changing the tires when they become worn out and managing the fuel, after asking the drivers to visit the pit.

Motorsport Manager Online can be accessed for free on iOS and Android versions.

NeMO-Net: With this game you can help NASA to identify coral reefs around the world

The challenge is to learn to identify reefs and then paint them whenever you find corals in the virtual exploration. In this way he is preparing a supercomputer to do the same, but alone.

Play on NeMO-Net while helping NASA to classify and map coral reefs around the world in 3D. For this, the challenge is to embark on a virtual investigation by the ocean and analyze real images of corals on the seabed.

As you explore the ocean you will learn about the different types of corals and how you can identify them when painting them. In practice, everything you do in the game trains a supercomputer in the real world to autonomously classify corals.

Each classification you make of corals also helps researchers to better understand how reefs are changing. Thus, it can play an important role for science.


The free app is available for iOS and can also be transferred to iPad and Mac.

Time to punch those who need to relax

We leave the invitation to vent the anger accumulated in the last days (weeks or months) with the help of Boxing Phisics 2. We only hope that the game will not have the opposite effect …

Boxing Phisics 2 is recent in the application world. So recent that it is still in the development stage and may therefore be unstable, the warning is here. Beta version part, always be a good chance for a few minutes of distraction.

As the name suggests, the main dynamic is to punch the opponent, and dodge the reverse, but there are some details to add, depending on the game mode chosen.

In the category of fast games there are four possibilities: Real Mode, Crazy Mode, SoccerMode and Trap Mode. Apart from the first mode, all the others have an associated feature or additional aspect, namely a ball and goal to score a goal, in addition to the punches that must be thrown at the opponent.

And speaking of an opponent, count on several iconic characters: creativity is not lacking in the game's authors. The graphics are very colorful and the soundtrack accompanies it.

The controls are simple, although they do not always correspond immediately to the intent of the player, but we can admit that this may also be due to some awkwardness in the matter.

Larger advertising blocks, of 30 seconds, end up being very unpleasant, given that depending on the category and the game mode, the rounds may last less than that.

Boxing Physics 2 is free, with in-app purchases in addition to advertisements, and is available from the Play Store.

How about having all the contents of the TV on your computer, smartphone or tablet?

The MEO Go app gives you the possibility to have three more screens of your TV available in any room of the house. To see the news, films or Telescola.

In time to stay at home it is not always easy to share the TV screen, either because interests diverge or because Telescola classes overlap with other interesting programs for other family members. Instead of buying another TV there is a free option that you can use, quickly and easily, as long as you are a MEO customer with a TV package.

The MEO Go app is available for the computer, smartphone or tablet, Android and iOS and extends to three more the number of screens on which you can watch TV, access recordings or the video club.