Five Chinese accessories you buy for up to 325 reais

This week we established a budget from $ 325 and we spent some good hours browsing one of the most popular accessory sites in Brazil. In this joke, we ended up finding some products that can be very useful for your Android smartphone. Okay, some may be quite useful, some not so, but they are cool and are at a buddy price.

note: The choice of the store was due to the popularity among Brazilian users.

Anyone who has heard of the Chinese Deal Extreme website (affectionately called DX) knows that it is a kind of Paj Gallery online, selling everything you can imagine. And as we're talking about China, that means everything from dubious quality products to really cool stuff, including accessories for our Android.

After a lot of digging, we can find five cool "made in China" accessories for you to spice up your Android and even have fun with.

Use the sun to charge your smartphone

This auxiliary battery ensures that your smartphone will not let you down. That's because it has a panel that picks up sunlight and keeps your phone running right away from a power outlet. It also includes adapters and of course a plug.

Minimal Chances of Your Phone Running Out of Battery / DEAL EXTREME

Charge your Galaxy S4 wirelessly

This wireless charger for the Galaxy S4 works the same as the ones sold in Brazil (by electromagnetic induction) except that it costs a lot less.

Who says wireless chargers need to be expensive? / DEAL EXTREME

80's Headset … or so

Yes, this headset is not the most practical thing in the world, it would look pretty weird in your pocket or stuck to your ear. But his retro design is cool and he would look good in your home or office when answering calls on your smartphone. And it has volume control.

Yes, a weird headset. But cool! / DEAL EXTREME

For those who do not like multitouch screen in smartphone games

This Bluetooth joystick (4.0) is tailored for those who don't like to rely on multitouch screens when playing games on their smartphone. With design slightly similar to that of an Xbox controller, the accessory is compatible with various models of Android phone, starting with version 2.3 of the operating system.

For those who are not patient with playing multi-touch screen games / DEAL EXTREME

Not quite a drone, but break a branch

This small helicopter can be controlled by your Android smartphone from an infrared adapter (within 10m range) and an application that should be downloaded from the Play Store. Yes, his autonomy is not the greatest, nor the range, but hey, he brings six plastic missiles! Who says you can't go back to being a kid paying little?

Yes, not a drone. But he has plastic missiles! / DEAL EXTREME

What should you know before buying at Deal Extreme?

– Like almost all of its Chinese-made products, at prices well below those in the rest of the world, plus a huge volume of people buying – it is essential to know that Deal Extreme deliveries can take a while. So the keyword when buying on the site: patience. There are orders that can take 15 days and there are those that can take up to 50. But the wait is worth it;

– If the quality of the product seems suspicious and you could not hunt more information about it, the tip: do not buy. As cheap as it is, it is never legal to bear the damage;

– If your purchase takes longer than reasonable, infer the life of the site SAC. They may take a while to respond, but they respond. They try to track down the package and when they fail, usually send another unit of the purchased product;

– Keep browsing the site without haste. You can often find another version of the product you are buying, but with better quality. And the price difference tends to be low;

– To learn more about the products you are eyeing, read the user reviews. They are located lower than the pages. Focus, of course, on the items that are most praised;

– If you are afraid to register your credit card on the site, you can make payments through Paypal. But speaking from personal experience, I've never had a problem with my card there;

– Yes, some (few) times you may not receive the product. It happens. So focus on small-value purchases. It is difficult to resist, but better than to take a large proportion of damage;

– All Deal Extreme packages are shipped without the website logo or any information indicating that the product was purchased there. This helps to circumvent Brazilian customs, although not 100% guaranteed;

– Search for items labeled MVProduto (or MVP). They are dispatched within 24 hours and many bring a lower price. Just be sure to look at user reviews before you buy, ok?

– Currently, all orders of Deal Extreme for Brazil are free shipping. If this is temporary, in normal periods you can have free shipping on purchases over $ 15.

And you? Have you bought anything from Chinese sites like Deal Extreme? Got any cool buying tips there? Tell us!

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