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Five amazing apps for video editing using mobile

Mobile phones today have featured cameras with ever-increasing resolution and video quality, which helps you capture the best moments of your special trip with friends, family and even alone. However, editing these videos without the help of a computer can be a daunting task if you do not have the right application.

To make good edits, you may not need to be a professional software expert and not even have a portable computer. With the increased use of the mobile phone and also the processing power of these handsets, it is possible to make good edits using the device itself, within the limitations of format and capture. The latest software available at major platform app stores, such as iOS and Android, lets you turn your entire smartphone content into videos with transition effects, slideshows, and even soundtracks.

Below is a list of five of the top rated editing apps by users on the Play Store and App Store.


Quik is an editing application developed by GoPro that can be used with videos made on virtually any device, not just the famous GoPro camera. Through the app, you can join video, make photo presentations, apply transitions, put a soundtrack, subtitles and text, without having to have previous experience with video editing, in an intuitive way. The app completely free.


FilmoraGo seeks to bring to the mobile experience the same user interface and user experience of its versions for Windows and macOS, and allows the editing of videos and presentations even from Facebook and Instagram posts. The app is a powerful video editor and comes with a number of specialized tools and filters, though it is quite simple to use thanks to automation options and suggestions. FilmoraGo is free, but offers in-app purchases of additional filters.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip has an intuitive and simplified interface, offering automated features. The free app offers 2 GB of cloud storage through the Creative Cloud account.


Exclusive to Android system users, YouCut is one of the highest rated apps on this list. Its tools allow you to cut and join video, insert soundtrack, frames, effects and transitions into your presentations. It has a video compressor specifically designed for file sharing in instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, especially to avoid unnecessary data consumption. YouCut is free, but it shows advertising during use. To get rid of the ads, I need to pay $ 9.99.


Unique to iPhone users, iMovie is a powerful and tailored tool for iOS users. With iMovie, you can make movie-editing and even trailer-like trailers using your in-camera recorded videos, with licensed soundtracks. The advantage of the app is its integration with macOS and iOS, so if you have a Mac, you have easy access to your library and the content stored on iCloud, iMovie has become free since 2017.