Five Amazing Android P News You Need to Know

Android P is true, and will be announced in more detail during the next Google I / O. Even there, developers and enthusiasts will be able to taste Google's next sweet. At least with the first preview, the ninth version of the OS turned out to be quite interesting, especially regarding the user interface. In this article you will learn about the 5 best features of the first preview that will make your mouth water.

1. New control center

IOS has gained a control center with iOS 7, and since then Apple has been trying to optimize the dashboard that addresses shortcuts to key system functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As it turns out, Android has always been at the forefront in this regard, delivering a more comprehensive and customized experience for its users, regardless of the manufacturer's skin. In Android 9 we have a new layer of information and especially visual changes.

central controls android p
Rounded corners and round shortcuts / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Rounded corners, circular cones and a patterned look matched the rest of the system. Since Android Oreo, Google has been adding whiter to the system, either as a background or as a main element of Material Design (in the case of images, black combined with wallpaper). The new switch has a new animation and behavior that makes it more intuitive to use, and the volume control is now close to the physical button. Combined with the control panel we also have the notifications, which I speak below.

2. Smart Notifications

Another point that Android makes better against iOS. This is because in the Google system we have information properly separated and grouped by applications, where we can identify within each group the most important information of a contact, message or email. With Android P, the rework is much smaller, you might believe. It will be possible to see photos, videos and have a preview of other information more completely, and it is possible to interact with the applications through the notification bar itself.

notifications android p
Still a little messy / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

The Reply system is another big balcony from Google, as it allows us to answer simple things without even having to type on the keyboard. Want to send your location without opening Maps or then reply 'good morning' to the family group without opening any apps? With Android 9 will be possible. The notifications are also more readable and have gained a new look.

The images we are showing are not demonstrating all these features as it is the previous version, and bugs can happen. In our case, sudden changes of sources are still happening, incomplete system translation, among others.

3. Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time

Perhaps this is the most interesting new feature of Android P, even though it needs compatible hardware. The system supports the 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol to work on the concept called Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time, widely used by operators. It is a new standard for measuring triangular distance in small spaces and enclosed spaces, such as indoors.

wifi android p
The idea of ​​locating yourself in shopping malls / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

It is able to identify the exact location of the device from the distance of a Wi-Fi router or data receiver (antenna), at an accuracy of approximately 1 to 2 meters from it, quite different from conventional GPS, for example, which delivers between 5 to 7 meters from the actual position of the apparatus. The user does not have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, just that it is turned on so that the location services can have the actual positioning measurement based on the surrounding signals, ie the nearby routers.

This feature will be useful for a multitude of things, not only to find a lost device more accurately, but also to automate smart products or optimize Android's own functions. If you need a light to be accessed via a voice command, for example, the Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time system will be able to understand which mode is closest to you that should be illuminated.

4. Notch Simulator

Unfortunately, screen cropping will be a visual concept that manufacturers will adhere to in the coming years if this can be called design, no. Android 9.0 P will have native support for the slot simulator, although it seems that this function will not be available to the user in the final release. Most interestingly, developers can tailor their applications so that they "get away from notch" by better organizing the menus, colors and information that will be displayed at the top of the screen.

notch android p
Notchs of all types / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

A custom interface may keep the dark color on top to better disguise the notch, for example, or applications may display organized information and additional features around the cutout. We have no way of knowing how notch will be worked in terms of the interface, but the native tool allows a better visual clarity of the interface in general.

Android P apparently the most promising version released since the duo KitKat-Lollipop.

5. Screenshot Editor

Just like on iOS 11, Android 9 P comes with a screenshot editor called "markup". The function brings basic features such as cropping, rotating and adjusting the color scheme. You can activate it from the notification bar as soon as you take a screenshot, that is, from a notification you can edit an image, which again shows the practicality of the new notification system. Then you can send to contacts via integrated applications such as Gmail and WhatsApp, and also straight from the notification bar.

androidp screenshot
A good tool, lacking the power to cut / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

6. Bonus: Hands on the new Android P in video

Want to take a close look at the latest Android P news? Then watch our hands-on video of the first features of the new system:

Of course, all news must be changed until the final release of the version. Some features here already exist on custom interfaces, while others need specific hardware to work or so the manufacturer will keep such features on their interface. We hope news comes and everything we talk about here changes for the better.

At first glance, Android 9 is the most promising version since Lollipop. Do you agree?

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