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Fitbit announces Versa 2, new smartwatch with AMOLED display and Alexa compatibility

Fitbit, a company that focuses on physical activity control products, announced on August 28th the new Versa smartwatch. The new Versa 2 brings some improvements compared to its predecessor as: a new AMOLED display; integration with Alexa and Spotify, plus a faster processor and longer battery life.

With Alexa, you can create reminders, start tracking more intense physical activity, look for nutrition tips, and even track various smart devices in your home. But this time the assistant will not respond in audio, and the text-only communication on the device display.


The device can incorporate cutting-edge technologies purchased from Fossil.

Versa 2 will also be able to monitor your sleep, giving you scores based on your rest, the rate of your heartbeat and how long you average awake. Then each analysis will be tailored to the user's lifestyle, and you can get an idea of ​​how to optimize your relaxation. Versa 2 also brings a new feature of the company, Smart Awake, which sets your alarm clock for optimal moments within your sleep cycle. taking into account the work and routine of the consumer, of course. But, this initiative will also be made available on other company products.


Brand conference introduced the Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Stratos 3 and Amazfit X

Providing an even greater focus on sleep quality, the Versa 2 can have a "sleep mode", where the display goes off and notifications muted so as not to disturb you. For some distraction during exercise, it is compatible with Spotify, Deezer and Pandora Radio, with enough storage to download 300 songs.

The AMOLED display has an "always on" mode, where the small screen will never be erased and, according to the company, the battery should last two days in this mode. If turned off, the consumption has decreased and the watch has 5 days of uninterrupted use. Finally, you can rest easy when jumping into a pool with Versa 2: the device can hold up to 50 meters deep.

The new Versa is pre-sold on Fitbit's official website for $ 199.95, about 827 reais. But it is also possible to buy an "extra" version for $ 229, 95, almost 951 reais, which comes with a bracelet and three months of Fitbit Premium, a kind of personal "coach" that brings exercise and food guides. Unfortunately we do not know if it reaches the national market. Disclosure / Fitbit

Via: Slashgear Source: Fitbit