First revision version of Ubuntu will come out tomorrow


It should come out tomorrow 16/08 the first revision ISO for Ubuntu, the version must be 12.04.1, these versions are released due to the many updates that an LTS version suffers over time, imagine you downloading Ubuntu 12.04 LTS next year and your distro comes out of date with programs in previous versions. THE Canonical has plans to release 4 maintenance releases during this time. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is already scheduled for its maintenance release and the first release is due tomorrow (August 16) as stated, another on February 7, 2013, the third in mid-2013 and last in January 2014.

If you use Ubuntu LTS the updates will come straight to the system, you just have to install them.

Keep in mind that you have a stable system and for a long time with Ubuntu LTS, rarely will the new versions bring some news, most of the time you can install the news on LTS so you will always be on top of everything that is new. on Ubuntu.

I particularly intend to continue with my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for some time and do not intend to use the new Quantal Quetzal version as the default operating system at least.

And you, will you continue with LTS?

Stay on top of everything that happens at Diolinux …