First possible evidence of fifth-generation Apple TV appears in developer record

In January, we raised for the second time the possibility that Apple was testing a new model of the Apple tv the information, however, was very vague, based only on technical specifications sent to the FCC. Then the Bloomberg reinforced the theory with a few more guesses. Now we have a much stronger evidence that, yes, Ma is reminded of her set top box and actively developing its next iteration.

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THE Firi Games, developer of iOS / tvOS games, noticed a strange occurrence within the registry of devices connected to your Phoenix HD game: such a AppleTV6,2 running the “TvOS 11.0”. The current model of the black box from Ma has the AppleTV5.3 identifier, that is, we are talking about a product not yet released, running a version of the system that also does not exist considering that the publicly available tvOS is in version 10.1 .

The discovery was reported to the MacRumors, which in turn makes it clear that evidence can be fabricated. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense, considering that a few years ago, an iPhone 5s running iOS 7 appeared in developer records nine months before its release (and five months before iOS 7 was announced). As the Apple TV update seems to be imminent and very much in demand, it is not difficult to believe the truth of the track.

The only thing left to know is, of course, what to see in this new box model. The details so far are meager, but it would be natural to believe that the new Apple TV will at least come with 4K resolution support (thing, by the way, that would give Apple the infamous seal “does no more than its obligation”); However, as Eduardo Marques asked a few months ago: is that enough?