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First Portuguese magazine with video comes out tomorrow

(Updated) Saturday magazine presents the first advertising campaign in Portugal to take advantage of Video In Print (VIP) technology, which brings video ads for print editions.

As far as TeK learned, the advertising videos for Renault will be presented on a 5 by 3.7 cm LCD screen, which is integrated between two sheets of cardboard and will be distributed through a magazine insert, which will accompany some of the copies of the next issue, distributed at random – and, obviously, with no price increase for readers.

The chosen strategy is due to the high cost of technology, which makes its integration in all issues of the magazine impracticable. The same reason helps to justify that the campaign, run by Tempo OMD, was the only one to resort to this solution since it became commercially available in the country in September 2009.

Although Wibii Marketing Tailors – the company responsible for the introduction of the technology in Portugal and which until the end of 2009 had its representation in Portugal – has not advanced figures in relation to the number of units distributed or associated costs – it told TeK that each unit it would have an approximate cost of 70 euros, but that the value that can suffer great variations and that when it comes to a production of less than 500 units “the prices go up”.

The specimens that arrive at the newsstands today feature six videos accompanied by sound, thanks to a column that accompanies the screen (but not visible), and also buttons with some basic functions associated with the display.

booklet Saturday

Editorial Note: The news was updated with an image of the advertising that was distributed this Thursday with Saturday.