First notebook created by Apple turns 20

First notebook created by Apple turns 20

Better late than never: ten days ago, the Macintosh Portable, the first real notebook produced by Apple, completed 20 years of life. "Real" notebook because it was the first Mac to run on battery, even though it was not as portable as that: it was over 10cm thick and weighed over 7kg. The technology of the time also did not allow it to be used while being recharged: either one thing or the other.

Macintosh Portable

The Mac Portable that recently appeared in the Genius Bar of an Apple Retail Store has a monochromatic 10-inch active matrix screen (with 640 Ă— 480 pixels in resolution), which was already a big differentiator compared to competing PCs at the end of the decade 1980. The machine was discontinued two years and a month after its launch, in October 1991, with the arrival of the PowerBook 100 (this one is already much more advanced).

Even with all that, the Mac Portable was already quite surprising and came in a plastic case attached by just two screws. On the other hand, their possibilities for expansion were minimal. At the time, it was traded for an absurd $ 6,500 s to early-adopters same.

Be sure to check out this article, which summarizes the history of Apple notebooks. And, if you are interested in the Mac Portable, it’s worth taking a stroll through the special gallery created by Technologizer.

Check below the complete specifications of the machine, via apple-history:

EssentialsFamily: PowerBookCodename: Laguna, Riveria, Malibu, Esprit, Guinness. (Backlit configuration: Aruba, Love Shack, Mulligan) Gestalt ID: 10Minimum OS: 6.0.4Maximum OS: 7.5.5Introduced: September 1989Terminated: October 1991

ProcessorCPU: Motorola MC68000CPU Speed: 16 MHzBus Speed: 16 MHzData Path Width: 16 bitAddress Width: 16 bitROM: 256 kBRAM Type: proprietaryMinimum RAM Speed: 100 nsOnboard RAM: 1 MBRAM slots: 1Maximum RAM: 8 MBLevel 1 Cache: 0.5 kB

VideoScreen: 1-bit active matrix (backlit after 2/91) Max Resolution: 640 Ă— 400

StorageHard Drive: optional 40 MBFloppy Drive: 1 or 2 1.4 MB SuperDrive

Input / OutputADB: 1Serial: 2 Mini DIN-8SCSI: DB-25Audio Out: stereo 8 bit miniSpeaker: mono

MiscellaneousPower: 5 WattsDimensions: 4.05 ″ H x 15.25 ″ W x 14.83 ″ DWeight: 15.8 lbs.

(tip from Diego Vieitez Cardoso, thanks!)