First Mario Kart Tour videos and footage come after his testing phase begins

The world went downhill when the Nintendo announced that it would take its legendary franchise Mario Kart to mobile devices. More than a year and a postponement later, the company began this week's testing period. Mario Kart Tour, initially only on Android for US and Japanese users.

As much as Brazilian (or iPhone users) users still do not have access to this initial version, the start of the testing phase means that we can already access the first videos, images and information about the game.

According to iGenerationMario Kart Tour will be similar to console versions of the game in some respects: we will have several clues all adapted from existing circuits with different themes and environments, in which tournaments can be played Grand prix, single racing or online. Each character and car will have its own characteristics, influencing the race results; the difficulty modes will vary between 50cc and 200cc.

The similarities stop there: the title is always played in portrait mode and with only one hand the cars accelerate automatically and you just need to guide them with your finger. O drift starts automatically in sharp turns unless you turn on manual mode. Races have only two turns on each circuit instead of the traditional three.

"First "First

Apparently, buying items internally is an important element of the game (which is initially free): “rare” characters can be acquired and give special skills in disputes. At first, players will already have access to several well-known characters, such as Mario, Peach, Toad, Donkey Kong, Waluigi and Daisy. Luigi, for example, is considered a rare character.

Nintendo has not set a date for the release of the Mario Kart Tour, but the game is scheduled to arrive in the summer of the northern hemisphere, ie between the end of June and the end of September. Excited?

via MacRumors