First MacBook Pro with Retina display, from 2012, joins the list of obsolete products

As of today, the 2012 MacBook Pro (first model with Retina screen), of 15 inches, is joining the list of classic / obsolete products from Apple, making the obsolescence of this machine eight years after its release.

This means that this model, like all other products on the obsolete list, is no longer eligible for repair services through Apple's official / authorized channels, such as the company's retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers ( AASPs), except in regions where the law requires otherwise.

MacBooks Pro with Retina display

The only alternatives for the owners of these machines are, therefore, to follow at your own risk and repair manuals (such as those of iFixit) or to seek help from unauthorized repair shops who may not use official Apple parts in replacement.

In addition to being the first MacBook Pro to feature a Retina display, the 2012 model had a much thinner design than previous ones. This was possible thanks to the removal of the Ethernet port and optical disc drive for reading CDs / DVDs; however, it kept the Thunderbolt and USB-A port pairs, an HDMI port and an SD card slot.

At the end of April, Apple had added the 11 ″ and 13 ″ models of the 2013/14 MacBook Air, as well as the mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13 ″, classic product list (vintage) indicating that it is under no obligation to repair them in case of defects, but will do so if parts are available in its authorized assistance.

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