first impressions after 24 hours with the device

iPhone 6s

Yesterday you followed the initial comments, the unboxing and some videos highlighting the main news of the iPhone 6s. Now, after 24 hours with the device in hand, it’s time to talk a little about the first impressions of the device. it is good to note here that we are talking about initial impressions, which is very different from a review (something deeper, which involves comparatives and which needs more time so that we can explore all the resources calmly).

iPhone 6s

I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to a 6s. It is true that I got to test the 6s Plus for a few hours, however much it has a more interesting screen, a bigger battery and a camera with a notable difference (optical stabilization for photos and videos), I still think it is not the size ideal for me. In my opinion, all these cool differentials lose to the simple fact that it is too big, which makes me even a little awkward with it. So I quickly went back to the 6s and its 4.7 inch screen.

What most caught my attention in these 24 hours of use was the weight. In number the difference is very little (only 14 grams), but this represents an increase of ~ 11% (that is, percentage is somewhat representative). The good thing about the iPhone 6 was that it was very light, so many may consider this weight gain to be something even positive since it stays firm in the hand, giving us the impression that we have a phone there (and not something ?hollow?).

The increase of 0.2 mm is also somewhat noticeable. It «bothered» me less than the weight, but also something easy to notice (not visually speaking, but with the device in hand). Of course, Apple would prefer not to have to add weight and thickness to the devices, but this is hardly something that will harm your experience or even prevent you from buying the new device.

iPhone 6s

I used my iPhone 6 with a silicone case; now, in the 6s, i really liked the brown leather and, even though i know that the ones produced with this material don’t usually last long (visually they ?deteriorate? much faster than the silicone ones), I took a chance.

There is not much to talk about them, but one thing caught my attention. I do not know if it is a peculiarity of Apple leather cases, but it is not at all easy to press the side buttons (volume and off / on). You need to do considerable strength to do this; in addition, I had a little difficulty (actually more fear than difficulty) to put the iPhone in the case because I thought everything was fair. Everything indicates that these Apple cases have the same size as before (not least because they fit both the 6s and 6s iPhones), so it is natural that everything is very tight on the 6s since it is a little thicker than its predecessor.

The most noticeable external novelty, undoubtedly, is the rose gold color. And she was very beautiful. Pink, admittedly, a more feminine color as well as blue, a more masculine color (baby clothes and accessories are there to keep me from lying). But this in no way means that women cannot choose / prefer the color blue, just as men are free to prefer and wear something pink. To top it off, the tint of the rose gold of the iPhones is very discreet. Just like gold, it is not flashy, «aggressive», shiny. I particularly liked it a lot and I’m sure that the color pink is the new gold and will be a huge success!

I am impressed by the speed of the Touch ID. Really, it got really, really fast! So fast to the point of «getting in the way» a little. I explain: I usually press the Touch ID to view the device’s notifications; The problem is that now everything is so fast that just press the Touch ID to unlock the phone. And even though I’m trying to make this move very quickly, he can still read my fingerprint and unlock the phone. That is, from now on I will have to press the on / off button in order to activate the screen and view the notifications.

iPhone 6s

Live Photos are cool, especially for people like me, who have small children. I have no doubt that I will take some very nice ?living photos? of my daughter, but overall it is a cool feature that does not make such a difference for most users. I’ll probably leave Live Photos off by default and activate it only when I want to capture an image that way. The good part of this is that I will save space on my device as each Live Photo occupies the space of two ?normal? photos. The bad part is that you miss that superb transition, with a little movement, when moving from one photo to another this Apple video shows it well.

The same goes for background images entitled ?Live?. It’s nice to press the screen a little bit and see the animation happening (either the official images from Apple or some Live Photo taken by the user). But it is something that you will do once, twice, three times later and then some more to demonstrate everything to friends / family and then you will forget. It’s cool, but I don’t consider it a differentiator.

The 3D Touch, yes! Although you need to get used to this new layer of interaction, in many situations you will be able to be much more productive with it than navigating and doing what you would like by the traditional method. In these 24 hours I confess that I sometimes forgot about the feature (something normal, after all, I interact on the iPhone with touches on the screen a few years ago). But when I remember, I see how it helps us get to where we want to go faster. Let’s hope that developers really embrace 3D Touch!

It is worth mentioning here the trackpad feature of the iPhone 6s virtual keyboard. It also needs a learning curve because it is something very new, but the benefits are so many (a much simpler way to position the cursor in the place you want) that, if you do it a few times, you will no longer be able to go back to the old one method (place your finger on the text, wait for the magnifying glass to appear and slide to the desired location).

Why did Apple implement this only on new iPhones? On iPads and the first beta versions of iOS 9 for iPhones / iPods touch, you activate the feature by tapping the keyboard with two fingers. On tablets it works very well, but not quite the type of interaction you do on iPhones. The cool feature, but activating it that way was far from intuitive. Because Apple preferred to use 3D Touch (pressure) for this and the implementation was very good. For some it was bad to test everything for a while on «old» iPhones and then no longer have the feature available, but I understand Apple’s position here.

iPhone 6s

The camera, as always, has improved. It was a very significant leap for both iSight (rear) and FaceTime HD (front), but mainly for the front. If you are a person who takes many selfies, you?ll really like the upgrade. The front flash implemented by Apple really makes a difference and for fans of the iPhono (Plus), the optical stabilization for videos has already proved to be a great differential in some comparisons we have seen so far.

Navigation as a whole, of course, is much faster. Whether by the A9 processor or the 2GB of RAM (the old iPhones have 1GB of RAM), everything is smoother and more responsive on the iPhone 6s. It may not be as noticeable as the Touch ID, but in the new device you can do everything faster. And with more RAM, we can open several tabs in Safari without worrying, using applications exactly where we left off, etc. Something expected, but always good to confirm.

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Should I replace my iPhone 6/6 Plus with the new one? This is a question that many ask, but which, deep down, has no ready answer. Many things must be analyzed and several of them, very personal (with the dollar the way the new iPhones are, it won’t be cheap, for example). I always say that if I didn’t work in this world, I would most likely upgrade every two years. Whether I would choose ?s? models (eg iPhones 4s / 5s / 6s) or numerals (iPhones 4/5/6), I don’t know.

Superficially, I would say that anyone who has an iPhone 5s or less will do a great deal of trading their current devices for new models. Those who have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus should consider whether any of these differentials of the 6s drew too much attention. If the answer is ?yes?, switch and be happy; if not, you still have a great device in hand (one of the best on the market) and you might as well wait longer to change it.