IMac Pro benchmarks

First iMac Pro benchmarks and reviews agree: this machine is truly a processing beast

Without much fanfare, Apple today updated some of its sites around the world saying that its newest machine, the iMac Pro, will be available to all consumers in these countries (who have at least US $ 5,000 in their pocket, that is) as of this Thursday, the 14th.

As it could not be, with the announcement, the company sent some units of the computer so that testers, bloggers and YouTubers selected could give their first impressions about it. The verdict? Yeah, my friends, my iMac Pro is really a formidable creation in terms of processing.

If the aim is to compare numbers, we can get an idea in the first impressions video YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee, which – like all other testers – received the intermediate version of the iMac Pro, with an Intel Xeon processor with 10 cores and 3GHz frequency (with Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz). Brownlee ran the Geekbench tool on the computer and obtained a multi-core score of 37,434.

IMac Pro benchmarks

If that doesn’t tell you much, suffice it to say that the number is 45% higher than the top-of-the-line model of the Mac Pro (which, yes, is four years old but is still a supermachine) and 93% higher than the of the top-of-the-line iMac 5K. Yes, this is the most powerful Mac ever – and we’re not even talking about its most expensive version!

Numbers, however, are not what makes a computer fast – so it might be better to hear (or… read) the real-life experiences of these testers, isn’t it? Because impressions match: in a text on your blog, the director and photographer Vincent Laforet stated that all of his usual tasks (editing 8K videos, 4K captures from drones, 3D virtual reality content in 6K or RAW photos of 50 megapixels, for example) were completed about two or three times faster on the iMac Pro in compared to their current work machines (an iMac 5K and a next-generation MacBook Pro). According to him, the normal jump in speed between two generations of the same computer is around 20% or 30%; here, however, we see an absurd jump of 200% to 300%.

Who also made an interesting test was the developer Craig A. Hunter. He ran a computational fluid dynamics study on a number of computers and the intermediate iMac Pro, as expected, completed the task more quickly, in just 128 seconds. See the chart with all the machines – and their respective times – below:

IMac Pro benchmarks

More impressions, reviews and criticisms from the iMac Pro will hit the screen, naturally, when the machine becomes widely available the day after tomorrow. From what we’ve seen so far, however, we already know that it is really colossal; it is a pity that you can only use it when you are alive – because certainly to buy such a beauty in Brazil, only selling a good part of our vital organs.

via MacRumors