First generation iPod sealed in box for sale on eBay

First generation iPod, still sealed in the box, is on sale for $ 20,000

THE iPod nowadays it may be almost dead, but it is undeniable that the brand was one of the main responsible for the resurrection of Apple in the early 2000s. The device that carried ‚Äú1,000 songs in your pocket‚ÄĚ became an element of pop culture, changed the world of music and sold millions of units, generating a ‚Äúson‚ÄĚ with telephone capabilities that you may have heard of.

Now, you can get a real piece of history ‚Äď but only if you have R $ 80,000 giving soup around.

A very rare example of the first generation iPod from 2001 is on sale on eBay, still sealed in its case ‚Äď protective plastic and everything. The amount requested by its owner, $ 20k, is 50x higher than the price of the device at the time of its launch: US $ 400.

As absurd as the amount may seem, it has already been charged more for historic iPod models: a copy of the very special iPod U2, for example, was sold for no less than $ 90,000 (about $ 355,000) on eBay in 2014.

First generation iPod sealed in box for sale on eBay

Despite the price of a good car, the original iPod ‚Äď with its glorious physical buttons and mechanical selector wheel (the Click Wheel would appear on the iPod mini three years later) ‚Äď has one of the experiences of unboxing coolest ever made by Apple ‚Äď fruits of a time that never comes back, when the Apple included all possible accessories and utilities already in the box.

Finally, with the right computer, you can still have the 1,000 songs in your pocket promised 18 years ago. Tempting, isn’t it? ?

via Cult of Mac