New AirPods may arrive this year with support for the "Hey Siri" command; water resistant version would arrive in 2019

First generation AirPods have received firmware update; make sure yours is already up to date

Apple announced last week the second generation of Airpods, and one of its big news is a new wireless charging case.

Fortunately (or not, considering the price Apple is charging), I don't even have to buy the new AirPods to have that benefit; If you like, you can just buy the new case (for $ 80 out there; or $ 680 here) and keep using your first-generation AirPods with it.

J would be halfway, right? And if I tell you that Apple has also released, in recent days, a firmware upgrade Which seems to have brought improvements to the similar first generation AirPods are promised by the new H1 chip?

AirPods Firmware

As you can see in the image above, my AirPods are already running the new firmware. 6.3.2 the previous one was 3.7.2, available in May 2017. To get to this screen, simply connect your AirPods with iPhone and go to General Settings About, and then find a line identifying your headphones.

In theory, the AirPods firmware update is fully automatic and by now it is quite capable that you are already running version 6.3.2 as well. If it's not already, leave the AirPods next to iPhone and put them in for recharging. Then wait a few minutes and check again.

Unfortunately Apple not only announced the release of this firmware, as it has not published a changelog his. So all we can speculate is based on comments from those who analyzed the behavior of AirPods after the upgrade.

Feedbacks are quite varied and positive: improved battery life, faster device connectivity / switching and even reduced wireless interference. Over here, I think it's really more agile and reliable to switch from one device To the other. Cool!

Of course, the firmware update does not bring first-generation AirPods the same enhanced new H1 chip experience (including support for the "E a, Siri" command), but you can see that Apple has done its thing on the software side. .

via Cult of Mac