First episode of the reality show “Planet of the Apps” will be shown today, even for those who do not subscribe to Apple Music

When Apple released the trailer for its first reality show, the expectation was that it would only open between September and December. But to our surprise, “Planet of the Apps” get to big screens and small screens today!

The first episode of reality to be released today, Wednesday (7/6), 1 am in the morning (for the time of Braslia), and can be watched by any mortal including those without an Apple Music subscription through iTunes, Apple TV or the program's official website ; the other nine episodes will be shown weekly, yes, only to subscribers, within the service of streaming musical from Ma.

Meet the next icons. # PlanetOfTheApps starts tonight, only at @ AppleMusic.http: //applemusic/planetoftheapps

If you are completely out of what “Planet of the Apps”, I explain in a very brief way: you know the program "Shark Tank"? AND "The Voice", have you heard of it? Well take these two series and mix everything you will have “Planet of the Apps”, one reality show in which developers have 60 seconds to “sell” an idea to one of four entrepreneurs beyond acquaintances (, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow). With the projects properly selected, the advisors try to help developers get the idea out of the paper and get an investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners (Snapchat's first investor).

Obviously, Apple will make a huge promotion on top of the apps that will be born in the program, both on its website and in the App Store, an incentive that very few developers get.

We will see what this will bring. 😝

via Reuters