First Engineer to steal Apple Car secrets continues with electronic anklet

It's been almost a year and a half since we talked about the case of Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple engineer who was the company's first employee arrested for stealing secrets from “Titan Project”. Since then, the project has cooled down and left the spotlight, but Zhang continues to wrestle with US justice.

According to the BloombergJudge Edward Davila recently ruled that Zhang is still at risk of fleeing to China (originally he was arrested trying to embark on his home country) and therefore needs to continue wearing an electronic anklet while awaiting trial for his case.

Meanwhile, the second former Ma engineer accused of stealing Apple Car secrets is no longer required to wear the anklet. Jizhong Chen, who was arrested earlier this year taking pictures of a confidential area in Cupertino, could await trial in full freedom.

The case of the two accused is very similar: both were about to embark for China after talks with competing companies certainly, the idea was to get a job in Chinese companies by selling Apple's secrets. It is not known “Qualitative difference” between the two suspects so that one is released from the electronic anklet and the other not.

The fact is, it's clearly not a good idea to try to steal Apple's secrets. 😛