First Chrome extension

 chrome-128Google today released a document which reveals the first official add-on for Google Chrome, one of the features most requested by developers and browser users.

Although the first extension is similar to a Greasemonkey script, there are plans to make it more useful by exposing additional browser functionality and allowing developers to create interfaces, explained Alex Chitu, blogger at Google Operating System.

To install the extension reported in the Google document, interested users must have a recent version of Chrome or the Google Chrome 2.0 beta.

Installation procedure

To enable support for extensions, you need to edit the target field of the shortcut you normally use to run Google Chrome. Right click on the shortcut, select “properties” and locate the destination field. Add a space at the end of the displayed address and supplement with:

–enable-extensions –load-extension = “c: myextension”

Download the extension, extract the content in c: myextension and run Google Chrome. When accessing Google a lolcat will be displayed, edit the file foo.js to play with other images.