First Brazilian Apple Music campaign brings together artists such as Tiago Iorc, Marília Mendonça, Pabllo Vittar and Alok

Two months ago, we talked here about the new direction of the Apple marketing department, which started to give preference to totally national campaigns in its most active countries instead of launching global campaigns, slightly adapted for each market.

We already had a first demonstration of this new strategy with that fabulous Carnival commercial for the iPhone 7 Plus, and now another product from Ma is winning its first 100% Brazilian campaign: o Apple Music.

To this end, the Brazilian branch of Apple gathered the fine flower of national artists in 2017 for a photo session.

Chico Buarque? Tits? No, no: think of a class, say, last precisely to attract the target audience of the service, which is young people.

I'm in the campaign James, Pabllo Vittar, Marlia Mendona, Bruninho & Davi, Anavitria, Silva and Alok.

In line with the target audience “under-25” of the campaign, all the arts highlight the 50% discount on tuition offered to university students in Brazil, if you remember, just prove your link with a higher education institution through from UNiDAYS to pay only $ 2.49 / ms for Apple Music, against the usual $ 4.99 for the service.

According to the PAPELPOP, the campaign will run in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro over the next five weeks, and be present more intensively in universities and streets close to educational institutions; There will also be advertising at bus stops, newsstands and street clocks.

And did you like it? 😊