Swift Playgrounds gains SwiftUI and Dark Mode support; App Store Connect, BBEdit and Plex are updated

First beta of Swift Playgrounds 3.0 app available for testing

O Swift Playgrounds Apple's iPad app dedicated to teaching programming in a fun way. In it, you solve puzzles interactive to master basic programming concepts, while additional challenges allow you to explore codes and create programs.

This week Apple released the first beta version of Swift Playgrounds 3.0 on your TestFlight platform. Although I haven't cited all the news, the app release notes give you an idea of ​​what to see in the final release, such as the possibility that Playground Books has Swift code directories and features that can be imported for use on any book page. .

In addition, modules (in a book's directory of modules) can be imported to any page of a book and the app now uses the Swift 5 programming language (which is also in beta).

As the first test version of the app, there are bugs that are recognized as one where playgrounds get locked after shooting movies or when live features are presented.

Unfortunately, if you are not part of the Swift Playgrounds test group, you will be left out at least for now, as Apple is not currently opening vacancies for new entrants.

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via MacRumors