First Apple TV + series have mixed reception from expert critics

After a long wait, the Apple TV + will finally make its debut next Friday (November 1st) and we can finally check out what the Apple has in store for us. An unexpected obstacle, however, appeared this week on the horizon of Cupertino: specialized criticism.

As is customary in the television industry, Apple released the first three episodes of the initial four series of Apple TV + for newspapers, magazines and specialized websites to offer their considerations. And, contrary to what many expected, almost all productions had general reactions varying between the “Meh” and complete dissatisfaction – the only exception was “For All Mankind”, generally praised by critics.

“The Morning Show”

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On “The Morning Show”, considered the “apple of the eye” in this initial series of Apple series, the TEAM he wrote that the show’s writers “lack courage”, which deals with thorny themes but ends up not taking a stand on any of them. THE TVLine stated that the series is “exaggerated in the hype, confused in tone and with a cast terribly scaled in some cases – and, considering the talent involved, a big disappointment”.


“See” was also severely criticized: the Variety classified the series as “without structure” and with a “dismal rhythm”, while the Collider, in a more positive analysis, stated that the narrative is immersive, praising the visual of the production. Several vehicles, on the other hand, criticized the lack of vision and the plot that “shoots everywhere”. At least, the noticed that Apple “did not shy away” from adult themes and content, with bloody fights and sex scenes (albeit without explicit nudity).


“Dickinson”, in turn, had a warmer reaction. THE IndieWire praised the series’ charm and humor, but criticized the heavy hand in anachronism and forced references included in the pilot episode; The Variety he noticed that the series takes a while to find a tone and, even after the initial three episodes, he cannot decide whether it is a comedy or a drama.

“For All Mankind”

Lastly, “For All Mankind” it seems to be the pearl of criticism in this initial series. THE Paste Magazine classified the production as “the series that needs to be seen on Apple TV +”, praising the pace, the political plot and the scientific treatment of the script. THE Variety also stated that the series is the best in the service of Apple, especially because it manages to make the best use of its budget and deliver great directions with smart scripts.


At the time, “The Morning Show” and “See” have yellow notes (60 and 47, specifically) in the Metacritic review aggregator; “Dickinson” and “For All Mankind” earned green marks (66 and 72). Naturally, good reviews are not everything a series wants – several productions can persevere even with bad reviews – but a lukewarm or negative reaction can decisively influence public opinion.

For these initial steps of Apple TV +, this was certainly not the reception that Apple was waiting for, and certainly the next productions of the service will have to work harder to attract consumers and not put on the platform an aura of mediocrity.

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Premiere of “The Morning Show”

Last night, by the way, happened at the Josie Robertson Plaza and David Geffen Hall of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York, the premiere from the series that stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Who was there exceptionally, as the photos below show, was Apple CEO Tim Cook. Actor Steve Carell, for some reason, was not present.

The first three episodes of “The Morning Show” will arrive on Apple TV + this Friday. Thereafter, a new episode will be released per week.

Second season of “For All Mankind”

Well, at least the most well-received series from this initial series is already guaranteed to continue: in a recent interview with Variety, the protagonist Joel Kinnaman revealed that it is already recording the second season in “For All Mankind”.

Disclosure of

The actor revealed that he is dividing his time between recordings of the series and the movie “Suicide Squad 2”, which will be released next year. He stated that he is very satisfied with the series and with what the team has been doing:

I am impressed with what they created. They did an incredible job and it’s been a pleasure to shoot. I don’t remember ever being excited like that to show something I did to people.

Good news, isn’t it?

Robert Forster

Meanwhile, the deadline reported that the series “Amazing Stories” will bring the last performance of the actor Robert Forster (from “Jackie Brown”), who died on October 11th. He will appear in the episode “Dynoman and The Volt”, which will now be dedicated to him.

Robert Forster

The episode will revolve around a teenager and his grandfather (played by Forster) who discover that they can transform into superheroes by entering a ring acquired by the oldest 50 years before. “Amazing Stories” has no release date yet, but is expected to arrive on Apple TV + next year.

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