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Firmware update brings new features of Galaxy Buds + to the original models

THE Samsung is distributing a new firmware update for its wireless headsets, the Galaxy Buds, which will bring some of the features to the original model that made their debut in the latest version of their gadgets, the Galaxy Buds +.

Here is the list of news:

– Sound quality optimization code applied- "Ambient Sound" feature works connected to the touch sensitive sensor and works even using only one of the headphones- "Swift Pair" supported when connecting with Windows (Windows 10, version 1803 or more recent) – List of songs in the application has been added in a pre-configured touch and hold feature * Supported apps: FLO, Genie, Melon and Spotify


Update fixes white noise issue that some users were experiencing

One of the most interesting features is Swift Pair, which allows you to easily connect Galaxy Buds to your notebook or PC with Windows 10 It is compatible with Bluetooth, of course. In addition to connecting quickly, the headphones support pairing more than one device at the same time, so you can easily switch between your computer and your phone without disconnecting any.

Another novelty is the possibility to connect the Ambient Sound in a scheduled manner. Before the original Galaxy Buds already had the feature, but it was necessary to connect manually, with a button on the app or covering one of the headphones with your hand. After the update you can program a time so that the resource is turned on, allowing you to hear the ambient sound better. It is a good one, for example, to leave it programmed at the time of your work, so you do not need to remember to turn the feature on to walk more safely on the street.

The update has started to be distributed worldwide, so just wait a little while it should appear for your headphones automatically. To make sure that you already have the latest version of the firmware and that you can try to use the features, just check the version of it. The update will put your Galaxy Buds on the back R170XXU0ATD2 firmware.

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