Firefox with localization system

Mozilla launched Geode, a geo-location system that is expected to integrate version 3.1 of the browser Firefox. THE add-on, which can now be downloaded, has the function of locating points of interest close to the user’s physical location. The project is currently in an experimental phase but can be used to find, for example, restaurants.

The extension is based on the W3C specification that issues instructions and commands that can be used by a website and interpreted by add-on, commented Mike Shaver, responsible for the Mozilla project.

According to the programmer, the system is very reliable and aims to facilitate those traveling with a laptop behind. “If you arrive in a new city, on a new continent, you don’t know where you are and you are looking for a decent place to eat. Just turn on your computer, open Firefox and visit the suggestion site you prefer. The system automatically deducts your location and offers you some suggestions just a few blocks away, “says Mike Shaver.

During the testing period the margin of precision for the location of the spaces of interest varied between 10 and 20 meters in relation to the user’s positioning.

The design of the technology was based on Skyhook’s Loki platform, which determines the user’s position and compares it with nearby and registered points of interest with wi-fi access.

For those who think about privacy issues, Mozilla has thought of everything. Geode is controlled by the user, who will be responsible for the search methods to be used by the system. If the user visits a website that is connected to the W3C API, Geode opens a small window asking for its exact location. In these cases, it is up to the user to decide whether to give this indication or a more general one, such as the indication of the neighborhood where he is staying or the city.

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