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Firefox will disable advertiser trackers by default

It's a big name in technology that, at least on the public side, gives top priority to the privacy of its users and buys fights to uphold this principle. Apple? No, no: we're talking about Mozilla, which has put a total dedication to protecting user data in recent Firefox updates. Now a new announcement from the foundation further deepens this commitment.

Last week (yes, WWDC19 coverage ended up making everyone a little oblivious to the rest of the world), Mozilla announced an expansion of the feature Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), which disables the action of trackers from advertisers those elements that “follow” you over the internet, learning your usage patterns and preferences to display ads targeted to you.

So far, the feature was only available in Firefox's private browsing mode, but now that changes: it will not only be available in standard browsing mode, as will be enabled by default for all new browser users.

What's more, those who already use the browser will also have ETP enabled automatically in the coming months.

To really protect people, we need to set a new standard that puts their privacy first.

that's why we're activating the Enhanced Tracking Protection By default for all new users: To make it harder for companies to track their every move.

The change, of course, will be accompanied by a warning, so that all users know about the news as soon as it comes into action and can, if they wish, disable it in their browser settings. To do this, just go to the “Privacy and Security” tab in Firefox preferences and disable the option. Trackers; According to Mozilla, ETP automatically blocks over 1,000 trackers advertisers the list of agents banned by the Disconnect tool, and keep growing over time.

To keep up with the news, two Mozilla extensions have gained improvements. One of them is the Facebook Container, which “isolates” your internet activity and makes it impossible for Mark Zuckerberg's company to follow you through; In the latest update, the tool even prevents sites with Facebook code (such as a "Share" button) from being able to identify you.

In addition, the Lockbox password manager has been renamed Lockwise and a desktop extension that joins iOS and Android utilities. With the new extension, you can manage your list of saved passwords and access them anywhere, with simple biometric authentication or secure code.

The news is now available in the Firefox extension gallery.

via TechCrunch