Firefox and Thunderbird 15 to download

Firefox and Thunderbird 15 to download

Already available for download verse 15 of Firefox and Thunderbird where the most significant improvements only appear in the browser.

At the email client the main news the new interface with the theme Australis , and as we know, now includes a instant messaging client integrated so that we can connect with our accounts Facebook ,Gmail and Twitter .

Meanwhile, the web browser, alof the many options for developers now you can count on native support to the format PDF thanks to projects PDF.js , so we can see these documents directly in the browser.

Another detail we can see is the preferences hidden inside the browser itself, or by a tab, not in a separate window. To enable this option open a tab and type about: config search for the key browser.preferences.inContent and put in true . Now when you open preferences you will see:

You can download Firefox and Thunderbird from the following links:

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