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Firefox add-ons crashed over the weekend; Mozilla releases fix

Since last Friday (3/5) and over the weekend, users of the Mozilla Firefox on all platforms have had a hard time: browser extensions (popularly known as add-ons) simply crashed and disappeared for no apparent reason. As such, crucial utilities for user browsing, such as content blockers, password managers, and access protocols have become inaccessible.

Mozilla has mobilized to correct the problem, and a first patch was released on Saturday night to get the extensions back up and running. There was a problem, however: the fix covered only the latest version of Firefox (66), leaving out users of older browser editions.

Yesterday (5/5), Mozilla began to distribute another cycle of corrections to serve a larger portion of users, but the issue was not yet fully resolved. Today, finally, the foundation has issued a patch which fixes the problem for the vast majority of browser users except those who use Firefox in very old versions for whatever reason.

According to Mozilla, the flaw was triggered because Firefox extensions need to be digitally signed to work, which increases the security of utilities; the certificate issued by the foundation that interacts with these signatures and authenticates them has expired, making it impossible for add-ons.

In a post on the foundation's official blog, Mozilla's product manager responsible for add-onsKevin Needham said users need not do anything to have the fix applied to their browsers, as it is automatically installed. The executive also advised that extensions should not be deleted or reinstalled in an attempt to fix the problem, as these acts may cause new conflicts of operation.

Anyone who went through the problem can attest that everything is already ok?

via CNET