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Firefox 70 may come with native alert if your password is leaked

New functionality may come in Firefox 70 and help to know when a login and password have been leaked.

Mozilla has been working lately on tools to protect your privacy on the Internet, either through Firefox or with tools like Lockwise, Monitor, extensive anti-facebook, Send and other tools. Firefox 70 may come with native alert if your password is leaked According to Bleepingcomputer and Techdows, a report on Mozilla Firefox's bugzilla showed that the feature is under development and could arrive in Firefox 70

The feature works with logins saved in the browser using the Monitor as a base and thus warning when any login is leaked, with a warning in the service that this has happened, as shown in the test image from Mozilla.

It is worth mentioning that Mozilla is gradually introducing its new password manager, the Lockwise, which is available for Firefox as an add-on or as an app for iOS and Android.

It is Mozilla's plan to display a report with statistics on how many times the data has been leaked. Such functionality would be available in the url about: protections, which would be like the image below.

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