Firefox 67 is faster and brings new privacy controls

Firefox 67 is faster and brings new privacy controls

O Firefox It may no longer have the relevance it had in internet times, but that doesn't mean that Mozilla has left the experienced browser behind. Quite the contrary: the foundation continues to update the browser at a very healthy speed by simply seeing the new version 67 released today.

With the update, Mozilla promises to make Firefox an even faster browser, which seems to be a very particular focus of the foundation, given that we had already received a speed-focused update last November.

In version 67, developers combed through browser areas that could be tweaked to improve speed, so popular page scripts like Google, Instagram, and Amazon load 40% to 80%. more quickly. In addition, now the feature of auto fill they are loaded when there is a form on the page, which also increases browser speed.

The new version of Firefox is also smart enough to detect when the computer is low on free memory (less than 400MB) and in such cases suspend old or unused tabs they will reload quickly when you click them again, of course.

We also have, in the update, new features to protect the user from fingerprinting (a form of tracking that captures more data than Cookies) and cryptocurrency mining. Just enable the corresponding option and the browser enables protocols which prevent websites from performing these two (or one of the two, you choose) practices with the user.

Other new features in Firefox 67 include the ability to temporarily save passwords and use extensions in private mode, as well as a toolbar accessible by keyboard arrows. The update is now available for all users on macOS, Windows, and Linux.